Sand Ripples Ring

Mimicking the sand ripples made by the wind.

See dune collection

Mashrabiya Rings Duo

Zooming in and out.

See dune collection

Triangles Gypsy Earrings with Black links

Wired loops and their shadows

See Sirocco collection

Mashrabiya Spiraled Ring

Rolling the mashrabiya.

See sharqiya collection

Crushed Zebra Ring

Squeezing metal like cloth

See Crushed collection

Origami Ring

Folding metal like paper.

See origami collection

Oasis Ring

Lifting the texture to let it shine.

See Reservoir collection

Storm Ring

Letting go.

See dune collection

Telescopic Mashrabiya Ring

Scaling the layers.

See Sharqiya collection

Palms Ring

Slightly slitting the pattern.

See Reservoir Collection

Mashrabiya Box Ring

Giving lightness to the volume.

See sirocco collection

Flower Ring

Flowers in all dimensions.

See dune collection

Bagel Bracelet

Softening and refining a massive volume.

See All Bracelets